TRUGLO, Inc. announces a special, limited-time rebate on the current line of Titanium X™ fixed and mechanical broadheads, including crossbow models. From July 1 through October 31, 2020, bowhunters can receive a $5 rebate on each pack of Titanium X™ broadheads purchased (Up to four valid redemptions per

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  3. TRUGLO VEROS™ 5-Pin Bow Sight

    The VEROS takes bowhunting and 3D shooting to the next level with benefits and features that hit well above its pricepoint. The unique PRO•BRITE™ pin design and extra-long fibers are enclosed in a protective cover for increased durability, while maximizing pin brightness. The patented Decreasing Diameter Pin (DDP™) design uses smaller pins for improved accuracy at longer...

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  4. TRUGLO TECTRO™ 6-Arrow Quiver


    The TECTRO uses a rigid aircraft-grade aluminum spine that is strong and ultra-lightweight. The rubberized double grippers provide superior arrow retention and easy loading. The Tectro is capable of securing up to six carbon or aluminum arrows with diameters of .229 in. or larger (Easton G,H, and X sizes). Outer arrows can be...

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  5. Creating a Bowhunter

    Creating a Bow HunterCreating a Bow Hunter
    Hunting with family is the most successful way to create lifelong hunters.
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  6. Dialing-In for Crossbow Accuracy and Penetration

    It's taken a rather long time for vertical-bow hunters to get back to the realization that speed isn't everything. In fact, speed is just a means to an end, and that "end" is penetration. Sure, a faster bow is always welcome because arrow speed directly correlates with downrange energy and, thus, penetration. The point that has been relearned, however, is...

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  7. Field Test: TRUGLO Titanium X Crossbow Broadheads

    The proliferation of broadheads on the market today makes it increasingly challenging for bowhunters to decide which to use. The good news is that competition breeds higher standards with each season, in most cases (someone always tries to float a lead balloon now and then). The result is that, especially with mechanical heads, the engineering has...

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  8. Broadhead Selection 101: Fixed or Mechanical?

    Those of you who are just stepping into the bowhunting arena have probably stood (or are about to stand) like a deer in the proverbial headlights in front of the broadhead displays of your favorite sporting goods store. Don't feel bad about it. The choices are many and, to the beginning bowhunter, trying to make the best pick can be downright confusing...

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  9. Bow Release Tech: Comfort and Fit Mean Everything

    I admit that I often find myself behind the curve on most things. When everyone around me had moved to smart phones, I was still hammering the multiple numeral buttons on my flip phone just to send a text message. I was the same way when it came to mechanical releases for my bow. My first release was one of the original Hot Shots. Loved it. Used it for 34 years until I had to...

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