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  1. TRUGLO 1-8x24 OMNIA Scope - Perfect Optic for Tactical Carbines

    Answering the needs of tactical carbine shooters, the TRUGLO OMNIA™ Series of tactical rifle scopes now includes a new 1-8x24 model. These low-power, variable scopes excel at fast acquisition of near-field targets, but also feature a ballistic-calibrated reticle and adjustable magnification for longer distance shooting at maximum magnification.

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  2. TRUGLO Tritium AR-15 & AK Front Sight Posts

    Many tactical rifle owners trust the reliability of open sights, but face difficulty in low-light conditions. This problem is solved with the new TRUGLO Tritium Front Sight Post, available for AR-15 and AK front sights.

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  3. TRUGLO TECTRO™ 6-Arrow Quiver


    The TECTRO uses a rigid aircraft-grade aluminum spine that is strong and ultra-lightweight. The rubberized double grippers provide superior arrow retention and easy loading. The Tectro is capable of securing up to six carbon or aluminum arrows with diameters of .229 in. or larger (Easton G,H, and X sizes). Outer arrows can be...

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  4. Creating a Bowhunter

    Creating a Bow HunterCreating a Bow Hunter
    Hunting with family is the most successful way to create lifelong hunters.
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    The original TRU•TEC™ Micro optic (TG8100B) is a field-proven, pistol-compatible red dot that weighs just over 1 oz. Over the past year, TRUGLO engineering has developed three new models in this series...

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    TRUGLO, Inc. launches a new rebate program on their extensive line of handgun sights, now through the holiday season. Whether it’s a new handgun or an old favorite, there is a TRUGLO sight family to accommodate and enhance your shooting style...

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